James Foss Audio

Sound design and creative audio for video games and audiovisual media

Game Audio

Showreel with selection of highlights from Game Audio and Sound Design projects

🎮  Gameplay from Rhythm Towers, a rhythm-based tower defence game by Innoloop Ltd (PC/Xbox/PS5)  🎮

⛩️  Selected to showcase at the Tokyo Game Show 2023  ⛩️

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Sound Re-Design of a cutscene from Death Stranding (Kojima Productions)

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Sound Re-Design of some gameplay from Kirby & The Forgotten Land (HAL Laboratory)

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Some Audio Implementation Breakdowns [Wwise & Unity 3D] – for more visit the “Nightmares” project below

Game Audio Projects

Rhythm Towers [Wishlist on Steam]

Sound Design | Music | Implementation


Sound Design | Character Vocalisations

death stranding

Sound Re-Design


Sound Design | Music | Implementation

kirby & the Forgotten Land

Sound Re-Design

Tiki Tidepool

Sound Design | Music

viking village

Sound Design | Implementation


Sound Design | Music

space drift

Sound Design | Music


Sound Design | Music

wolf in sheep's clothing

Sound Design


Sound Design | Music

Last Cookie left

Sound Design | Music

Skills & Tools

I am trained and comfortable using the following tools and softwares:

DAWs & Editing

Logic Pro X


Pro Tools

Ableton Live


Izotope RX 8

Audio Implementation






Recording & Mixing

Experience with vocalists, traditional instruments and Foley

Analog Consoles: Neve, SSL, Soundcraft..

High-end studio mics and field recorders

Dialog & Voice Actors

Visual Script & Coding

Unreal Blueprints

Fundamentals of C++ and C#

Linear Audio: Film & Animation

Highlights from some linear audiovisual projects, primarily showing Sound Design for Film & Animation with occasional music composition.

All SFX and music are original, and the “Fable” segment is mixed in 5.1.


Film & Animation Projects


jedi samurai

meet the parents


Audio Engineering

Monzanto Sound - Time Lapse EP


  • Logic Pro X
  • Pro Tools
  • Izotope RX
  • High-End Studio Mics & Field Recorders
  • Analog Mixing Consoles: Neve, SSL, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath..

About Me

Hello! I’m a freelance Sound Designer, Composer & Audio Engineer from London with a particular interest in sound for Video Games, Film and Animation. I graduated from SAE Institute London with a BA in Audio Production, finishing with a 2.1.

Let’s chat about your project! If you need some audio or music work done don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

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