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James Foss Audio


Game Audio
Selection of highlights from various game audio and freelance projects, illustrating my Sound Design in different contexts. For clips with Implementation, the middleware used is provided. All SFX and music are original, as specified.

About Me
Hello! I’m a freelance Sound Designer, Composer & Audio Engineer from London with a particular interest in sound for Video Games, Film and Animation.

I graduated from SAE Institute London with a BA in Audio Production, finishing with a 2.1.

Quick-fire AUDIO WORK SAMPLES.. with snippets from various freelance audiovisual projects. Alternatively, continue browsing below!


Skills & Tools

I am trained and comfortable using the following tools and softwares:

DAWs & Editing

Logic Pro X


Pro Tools

Ableton Live


Izotope RX 8

Audio Implementation






Light competent with C++ and C#

Recording & Mixing

Experience with vocalists, traditional instruments and Foley

Analog Consoles: Neve, SSL, Soundcraft..

High-end studio mics and field recorders (Zoom H4N, Rode NTG2)


Film & Animation

Highlights from my some audiovisual projects I have worked on, primarily showing Sound Design for Film & Animation with occasional music composition. All SFX and music are original, and the "Fable" segment is mixed in 5.1.

Audio Engineering

Monzanto Sound: Time Lapse EP


Logic Pro X
Pro Tools
Izotope RX
Recording & Mixing: Neve Genesys

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