Sound Design & character vocalisations


Solarflare Studio


MOL Group

SOUND DESIGN & Character vocalisations

James Foss

 🕹 The following are clips show each character along with their educational mini-game  🕹 

🇭🇺 These can be be played on an interactive display at the client’s visitor centre in Budapest   🇭🇺

The project is part of an initiative by MOL to teach kids in Hungary about renewable energy and spread environmental awareness through interactive games. The brief was to create sound effects and character vocalisations for a set of mini-games.

Each character represents a different form of renewable energy (Geothermal, Plastic Recycling, Solar and Bioenergy). Each character is distinct and their unique personality needed to be reflected in the vocalisations, and I worked with voice actors to achieve this.

Meet the Characters

This is the client’s promotional video for the launch of the product: