Monzanto Sound

Time Lapse EP

We recorded a collection of tracks for their Time Lapse EP, to pass on to None More Records to be released. We were involved in every stage from tracking and editing, to the mixing and mastering phases of production.


Mali Baden-Powell


Antony Boatright


Wazoo Baden-Powell

Vocals & Guitar

Sienna Mustafa

Audio Engineers

James Foss & Fabio Rizzoli

Record Label

None More Records

Monzanto’s psychadelic style is rooted in rolling grooves and hypnotic rhythms, so to get the most natural performance we decided to record them playing together in one room. Our main challenge was to create a flowing jam environment whilst allowing for the cleanest possible recordings and separation between instruments. 

Recording took place at SAE Institute London’s Bankstock studios in Haggerston, taking advantage of the Neve Genesys mixing console and high-end microphones.

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The sessions were very productive and we were able to get clean recordings for Monzanto Sound to take to their label, leaving them maximum control over the final sound and aesthetic of the project. The recordings were mastered by the label and subsequently released on Digital and Vinyl.

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