Viking Village

Environment: Sound Design, Music & Implementation

engine & middleware

Unity 3D & FMOD


Viking Village is a game package manufactured by Unity Technologies (available via Asset Store). In the clip below, we make our way through the peaceful village and down to the murky shores of the lake where a storm is brewing.

All sounds heard are original and recorded or synthesised by myself.

Footstep System

Footsteps are central to the player’s immersion into the game world; a varied, realistic and responsive footstep system grounds the player in the on-screen narrative. This scene has clear-cut terrains requiring distinct footstep sounds: wood, grass and dirt. For a more reactive system, I also incorporated muddy footsteps to reflect the puddles and contrast with the dryer earth.

Implementation of Footsteps

Snapshots & Reverb Zones

Snapshots in FMOD allow the sound designer to create different mixes for the various game zones and spaces the player passes through. By setting Reverb Zones in the game engine, we can use Snapshots to give specific locations in the game world their own unique acoustic qualities that, whether for realism or creative effect, provide a more immersive experience for the player.

Implementation of Reverb Zones

Trigger Box Cutters

Trigger Box Cutters are placed in specific locations round the environment to trigger audio events. In this case, distant crashes of thunder, foreshadow the storm on the horizon and create a sense of dread. 

Implementation of Thunder Triggers


Breathing some life and colour into the environment, I placed a 3D Emanator inside the tavern and created a wild pub atmosphere – consisting mainly of chanting and arguments, breaking glass and loud burping (I could only imagine a viking pub trip)!


Unity Technologies

Sound Design, Music & audio implementation

James Foss